Summer & Spring Camp Schedules are Now Available for 2024!

New or returning students are welcome!

Our camps and workshops focus on interdisciplinary approaches to the art-making process. The curriculum forges pathways for students to connect dots between arts and other subjects. Check out the weekly camp sessions below!

Spring Camp

4/1 - 4/510AM - 12PM

Summer Camps

#DatesAM (9 AM to 12 PM)PM (12:30 PM to 3:30 PM)
16/17-6/21Meeting the Masters ($295)Clay Lab ($295 + $30 for supplies)
26/24-6/28Camp Pokemon ($295)Dreamhouse Design ($295 + $30 for supplies)
7/1-7/5No CampNo Camp
37/8-7/12Global Passport ($295)Hidden in the Jungle ($295)
47/15-7/19Meeting the Masters ($295)Me & My Sanrio Friends ($295)
57/22-7/26Camp Pokemon ($295)Stop-Motion Animation ($295 + $30 for supplies)
67/29-8/2Advanced Drawing ($295)
Creative Writing ($295)
Dreamhouse Design ($295 + $30 for supplies)
78/5-8/9Global Passport ($295)Camp Pokemon ($295)
88/12-8/16Hidden in. the Jungle ($295)Clay Lab ($295 + $30 for supplies)
Me & My Sanrio Friends ($295)

Summer Camp Descriptions

Meeting the Masters

Ages 5+

Learn art history & masters such as Matisse, Van Gogh, Monet & more, and the students will learn how to make their own renditions.


Ages 5+

Fascinated by the design of these fun “pocket monsters?” Study the amazing world of Pokémon and work on fundamentals of character design of these mysterious creatures! Kids will learn to draw, paint and sculpt their favorite Pokémon.

Global Art Passport

Ages 5+

Kids will explore art and culture from various regions of the world, one continent per day.

Me & My Sanrio Friends

Ages 5+

Come with your Sanrio squishy! In this week’s super cute adventure, you and your friends will paint, print, draw, sculp and collage out together through various art exploration. You will go camping, explore a secret garden, head to a tea party, attend a fall festival and enjoy a cozy winter time, without leaving the art studio. Invite your human friends over, the more the merrier.

Hidden in the Jungle

Ages 5+

Join us for an adventure in a lush rainforest. Create and discover all the wonderful life hidden in the jungle with paint and other fun art materials.

Stop Motion Animation

Ages 8+

How was the movie “The Nightmare Before Chrismas” made? Stop Motion Animation! Students will learn the process of film-making to support storytelling as well as experimentations and problem-solving techniques. They will plan out a storyline, make story boards, produce props, characters, actions and finish with music and sound effects. Equipment provided.

Creative Writing

Ages 9+

Creativity is the back bone of all forms of writing. The camp will feature various genres, graphic novels, and “flash fiction” that explores character development, plot, and setting in an expressive and fun way!

Dreamhouse Design

Ages 8+

You will become a model dream home designer for your dollhouse or castle.You’ll stretch your imaginations to design an interior blueprint and plan out wall colors and furniture layout. Build your own mini furniture, slides, pools, and jungle gyms from an assortment of interesting materials.

Advanced Drawing

Ages 10+

Do you want to learn the secret formula of realistic drawing and painting? Come to this camp to study line, form, texture and the science of drawing (perspective, light logic, and proportion). Explore techniques of blending and texture while working with graphite and colored pencils to bring life to your art.

Clay Lab

Ages 5+

Explore various types of air-dry clay, paper clay and oven-baked polymer clay. Each type of clay has its unique characteristics and applications. Students learn techniques such as slip, coil, pinch, score and more to hand build, sculpt, and paint pieces that don’t need to be fired in a kiln.