Our Philosophy

Art Experience is a unique studio environment where we believe art is vital to child development. With backgrounds in art, art education, and psychology, we recognize the importance of understanding each child’s individuality and working to meet their needs.

Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that the art experience for children should focus not only on the finished product but also on the process of creativity, a method of utmost importance. While learning art, students can touch, look, ask questions, and find their truths.

During this journey, some students are encouraged to be flexible and adapt. Others are challenged to polish their skills, working with various two or three-dimensional materials in hand. The goal is to groom each child to become a more well-rounded person with artistic perception, aesthetic values, and self-esteem.

Art is more than just reproducing contours, colors, and techniques. Life is a work of art, and we are its artists, born with the tools–our innate imagination, curiosity, and playfulness–to create anything we can dream of.

Art Experience emphasizes problem-solving that allows the child to determine the desired end result. Art Experience seeks to:

  • Improve each child’s visual perception and awareness
  • Exercise each child’s powers of observation and imagination
  • Stimulate their motivation to learn
  • Encourage them to make choices
  • Have FUN!

Since most California public schools do not included art in their core instructional curriculum, students’ visual art skills are likely trailing their academic grade level. We place each student on the appropriate level based on the visual art standards defined by the State Board of Education and teach them from there. The learning goal is clear and the result is measurable.