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Having trouble finding a special gift for your loved one? We offer several payment methods:

  • Personal check (to "Art Experience")
  • Venmo (to "Lee-Jean-Lin")
  • ZellePay (to "3103659287" or "Lee-Jean Lin")
  • Paypal (to "

  • Gift Certificates 
    We offer Gift Certificates for kid's and adult social painting classes.  It gives them a fun journey in art!

    Help them discover their inner artist! Can be used for children's art classes too. $45 per certificate, good for one kid's or adult class.  We can send you the certificates via email or snail mail.  Free shipping.

    Silk Scarves with Famous Paintings 
    Van Gogh, Monet, Klimt, you name it! Adorn yourself or your home with the works of these masters.

    Click here to make an appointment if you would like to see or pick up the products in our studio.
    Choices of 100% silk ($40 each, $70 for two) or 100% polyester ($25 each, $45 for two)

    Please send your payment to through and list your order in the "Instruction to Vendor" box or send us an email to detail your order.  You can also pay when picking up your order in our studio.

    Art Project Kits
    We carry a wide range of art project kits for children and the young at heart (age from 3 to 99+).   Our most popular products are shown below.  Each kit contains the supplies that you need and detail instructions to complete the project.  $30 per kit

    Metallic Relief Sculpture (on Tile)
    Create four low-relief sculptures on tiles with an antique look.
    (Shipping: $12 per kit)

    Fun Monoprint in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe

    This is a simple and safe monoprint technique that all ages will enjoy.  Using opaque water color and a printing plate, yu will enjoy the excitement of pulling a print that all printmakers live for.

    (Shipping: $7 per kit)

    Etegami (e= "picture"; tegami= "letter/message")

    This traditional Japanese style hand painted cards consist of a simple painting accompanied by a few apt words, using Sumi ink and watercolors.  They often depict ordinary items that bring a particular season to mind.   (Shipping: $7 per kit)

    Painting by Our Instructors
    We have many painting for sale, large (16x20"), small (5x7")and in between, by our instructors.  If you love our paintings featured in Art Experience Night but never got around to participate, now it's  your chance to own it.  Please go to our Art Experience Night page for samples.  

    Have a special painting in mind?  We do commissioned work too

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